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Check out what some of our clients have to say about their Big Cat experience.

Big Cat cartoon cat listening through a cat food can.

North Bay Children's Center

"Our Big Cat relationship for the past 5 years has led to new ideas and opportunities. I’m so glad they are part of our team.”

Solano County Transit / Sol Trans

“We rely on Big Cat to keep our brand front and center. They do a great job.”

Circle Bank

“Big Cat Advertising was a true partner at Circle Bank. They were brought on board to do the media planning and placement that they are known for. But they helped in many other ways. Not insignificant was producing our quarterly newsletter including interviewing clients for testimonial write ups and managing the entire production process. I could always trust the Big Cat team to provide great advice and to be true brand ambassadors.”

Alan Gaul | Senior VP Marketing and Communications

Agricultural Institute of Marin

“We turn to Big Cat to plan and place our media. They save us time and get great deals.”

Soscal Auto Body

“Soscol Auto Body has been a Big Cat client since 2007. We have collaborated on a series of TV spots that have been key building blocks for the Soscol brand here in Napa County. I get a lot of media rep calls that call on me. The first thing I tell them is to talk to the Big Cat. That saves me time and I know Marty has me covered. You can count on Big Cat. I do.”

Collabria Care

“Big Cat showed us ways to stretch our ad investment while efficiently expanding the reach of our programs and services.”

Toscalito Tire & Automotive

“Big Cat is our Marketing Department at Toscalito Tire & Automotive. They have been for 8 years. Big Cat is like family.”

Big Cat Advertising : Full Service Advertising Agency

Big Cat Advertising is a full service advertising agency, specializing in marketing and communications.

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