Local Search and SEO Website Checkup

Get Found in 2017!

Search ranking and optimization in 2017 is evolving rapidly! Google is making big changes to how websites get ranked and found through local searches. Is your web strategy up to the test?

Don’t miss this opportunity of to meet your potential customer right when they’re looking for your products and services. Get up to speed with our Local Search and Website Checkup in 2017, and we’ll make sure you’re setup for success.

Website Health Checkup Service

The Big Cat

Local Search and SEO Checkup

Everything you need to get found in 2017.

  •   SSL Certificate

  •   Mobile Friendliness

  •   Page Load Speed

  •   Search Console

  •   Google Analytics

  •   On-Page SEO

  •   Meta SEO

After your checkup…

You’ll be able to answer the following:

  •   What keywords are you currently ranking for and where are there opportunities?

  •   Is your website ready for online advertising?

  •   Is my website secure?

  •   Is your business easily found on the Google Map?

  •   How many peole are coming to your website and where are they coming from?

  •   Where are people leaving on your website?

  •   Do I have a mobile friendly website?

  •   What does my website look like in search results?

Are you a Non-Profit?

We offer special free consulting to non-profit organizations. Contact us to see if you’re elidgable for a free consultation.

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